We provide all meals – Fresh, Nutritious and Home Made

We plan for the Menu based on the principles of nutrition same as of adults - Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat. However amount of specific nutrients needed at different ages are kept in mind.  We do a lot of online research and also discuss from time to time with the parents of any allergies etc. This has helped many parents to go on the same pattern at home. 

For ages up to one year:  

We decide on this as per the requirement/comfort level of the parents

 For ages one year old and above
  • Breakfast

Pancakes/Bread, Cereal/Oatmeal, Fruit/Apple & Strawberry Sauce plus Milk  

  • Lunch  

Rice/Bread/Indian Bread/Pasta/Noodles, Chicken/Fish/Cottage Cheese/Tofu/Lentils, Vegetables, Yogurt,Soup 

  •  Snacks

Cookies/Crackers/Veggie Straws, with Fresh Carrot & Orange Juice, Eggs