Meena  aunty was recommended to us by our neighbor and several other friends and we decided to send our first son Aryan there since he was 2.5 years old. My son felt completely safe and secure in her home. Meena aunty offered many age appropriate educational activities which included arts/crafts and singing/dancing as well as healthy snacks and meals. She has been extremely kind and patient and Aryan has always looked forward to going there. She is adapt at multi-tasking and always went to great lengths to ensure that the best quality attention was provided to all the kids. Now, our second son has been going to her since he turned one and has been enjoying the same quality care.  Overall, I would definitely recommend Meena aunty as a child care provider for any other family. With her background experience and strong abilities to connect with children, she can definitely offer everything a family would be looking for in a provider. After all, we entrusted her with our most precious belongings..our children, and have been completely happy with our decision.





Jolly Gandhi




 My son, Arya, was 11 mnths when we started him to go to Meena aunty’s daycare. Being the first kid and so young, we used to worry if he could adjust in new environment. But under Meena aunty’s care, he was very happy and seemed to learn a lot of things like speaking little words, interacting with other kids, etc. She ensures that the child is well-fed and stays healthy. She recommends good eating habits to kids and also asks the parents to continue the best practices at home. Whenever the kid is sick with cough or cold, she is concerned and takes extra care on what to do differently that the child is feeling better also at the same time, makes sure other kids are not affected by the sick kid. As the time passed by, my son learned to say alphabets, colors, numbers, etc, very early as she used to have “circle time”- learning time for kids. She also engaged the kids in playing, coloring and having fun with each other. My son likes Meena aunty a lot and that shows how good care she took of him. She gave us daily updates on how my son behaved and ate during the day, if he did anything different from other kids, etc, which gives us (parents) an idea on the growth of our child. She was also very flexible with timings of dropping and picking up the kid.In all, without any worries, we could leave our son with her every weekday.



  ---Sukanya Raja


Meena Kashkari has been doing a wonderful job as a daycare provider. We know her for over 5 years now. We have been utilizing service of her daycare for a very long time. Our daughter who is 6 years old now used to go to her day care. Now we are sending our 3 year old son tthere. We have been extremely satisfied by the service received from her. She is extremely dependable, trustworthy. We feel as if we are sending our son to a family member.

Jayakumar Satapathy








From the first time my husband and I visited  Daycare we felt so confident to enroll our daughter , Jerusha here.  First of all, the place is so clean and organized which reflects the good care from Meena Aunty towards the kids health. My daughter feels so happy every morning when she arrives to daycare. Meena aunty welcome her with a nice and lovely attitude which gives me a lot of confidence to leave my daughter for the day in a place different than home.  The other thing that really makes me feel comfortable is the kind of nutrition and balanced diet that aunty provides for the kids. She also makes food according to the needs of the child.  We are so happy to have found this Daycare and consider it a second home for our daughter. The daycare has many activities for kids. My daughter learnt alphabets, colors, shapes, numbers and rhymes. Meena aunty is very good at teaching kids of all ages. She is very passionate of her work and takes personal interest in each and every kid in the daycare. I would highly recommend it.



 We started sending my son Pranay to this day care since he was 14 months old. We have been so much happy from day one. Now he is 27 months old and happy to go everyday with full enthusiasm.  our experience with prior daycare for 4 months (Winwood ashburn) was horrible. At one point I considered to quit my job to take care of my kid. As we are exploring various alternatives we came to know about this daycare and quite impressed with Mrs. Meena's experience, activities planned for kids depending on seasons and finally the necessary attention, care provided for kids.

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We have known Meena aunty since my older son went to her and now even my younger son goes to her. Aunty gives personal attention to every kid and looks after their food, play time and health very dedicatedly. She is very caring when it comes to sick child, educational at circle time, good play time. Very happy to have my kids with her care.



One of the best decisions I have ever made was to send my daughter to Westwind kiddies Kampus. I loved the way the daily activities were scheudled from morning till evening. Mrs. Meena believed in 'prevention is better than cure'. Great care was taken in preparing fresh home-made meal, providing healthy snacks and season appropirate food. My daughter attends elementary school now but still talks about the delicious food Mrs. Meena used to make. Mrs. Meena made learning very much fun for the kids. My daughter enjoyed learning, playing, dancing and socializing with other kids. I have recommended Westwind Kiddies Kampus to many of my friends and would definitely continue to do in future.



Takes good care of the kids and ensures that they eat well. My younger kid went there and pretty much enjoyed to be there. Keeps th environment clean.



Mrs. Meena provides an excellent care! She takes personal interest in a child's development, provides very healthy food and engages in age appropriate activities. We're very fortunate to have her take care of my son. She devotes her full attention to each child and gives each what he or she individually needs. She truly treats them as if they were her own and shares such a special bond with each of them individually.




My daughter has been going to Westwind Kiddies Kampus for nearly two years and I couldn't be more happy. Ms. Meena takes utmost care of the kids and ensures that each child eats fresh and nutritous food every day. She focuses on the child's development and teaches them alphabets/numbers/ shapes/colors/rhymes etc as well as helps improve their social skills. My daughter looks forward to spending her day at the daycare as Ms. Meena pays individual attention to every kid. She provides a feedback of the child's typical day at the daycare which includes food consumed/nap time/learning skills, etc. It is a home away from home and as a parent it gives me satisfaction that my child is in safe hands.



Excellent daycare, fresh food made by the provider with fresh ingredients. One of the best home daycare in Ashburn area. My twins were really taken care of here. I highly recommend this daycare.

 Ganga T



I really love this place.. Mrs Meena takes care of the kids so nicely..it is a second home for my kids..she provides the best healthy food for kids and the place is very hygienic ...



I am writing this review as I am a extremely satisfied parent.Mrs. Meena is an excellent care provider and provides the right conditions for toddlers. She is very flexible.



Mrs. Meena is an excellent care provider and provides an environment second to home! She takes personal interest in a child's development, provides very healthy food and engages in age appropriate activities. We're very fortunate to have her take care of our two sons!



Both my girls went to WestWind Kiddie Kampus daycare.It is homely environment. Mrs.Meena takes personal care of each and every child .She provides fresh and nutritious food. She also focuses on child development by teaching the kids alphabets/numbers/shapes/colors . etc..



Mrs. Meena is a great care provider. I have seen significant development in my 2 year old, ever since she started here. My daughter has improved her vocabulary, tries to be independent and learns everyday. Mrs. Meena also provides very nutritious food to the kids. This was the best decision we made for our kid.



My daughter goes to Meena aunty's daycare and we are really happy. She provides fresh home made nutritious food to kids,and she keeps the facility very clean. I have not seen kids falling sick very often. She follows a good routine. We are glad we choose this daycare for our daughter.



I sent my son here for after school care. Provided excellent care, healthy meals and hygienic environment. Engaged kids in age appropriate activities and organized events occasionally to bring parents together to create a sense of belonging for the kids. Loved the facility and enjoyed the healthcare tips..



Mrs.Meena takes excellent care of the kids. She provides home made delicious and nutritious food to the kids. My son has been going to this daycare as a baby and i couldn't ask for more. She teaches the kids good manners, alphabets, phonics, numbers and many educational related things. Kids love this daycare. Every evening we get an update of the kid on how the kid was,what they ate, what they have learnt. This is not like a typical daycare where the kids watch TV most of the time. Here they don't watch TV but do different kinds of activities which also includes playtime. As a parent, we will never feel the anxiety that your kid is with a stranger. Your kid is very well taken care and is in safe hands.

 Chandan J


Both my kids have attended this day care. We couldn't have had better care than offered by Meena Kashkari and her team.



Meena aunty takes very good care of kids. The kids are provided nutritional well balanced food, follow a daily routine and have fun playing with other kids. Reasonable tuition, very good accessibility to the location and top notch care makes this an excellent place to send your kids.